When podcasts collide: The Moth live from the NYPL

The Moth, OMG: Stories of the Sacred (Live From the NYPL, web | iTunes)

This was pretty cool: a combination of two of my favorite podcasts. Not having the good fortune to live in a Moth town (only NYC, Detroit, & LA I think), this is the first time I’ve heard a full night’s slate of stories. Given this higher-profile stage, I’m sure this is a more curated form of The Moth, which proudly claims “stories told live without notes,” and whose podcast culls the best stories from their ongoing series of events. But still, it’s cool to see how the event comes off as a whole.

As can be expected, there’s a range of quality, but it’s mostly from good to excellent. Andrew Solomon, shown above, is a highlight; he tells the story of seeking out and finding artists in Afghanistan after the Taliban, who had suppressed all art, were toppled. The night’s theme—the sacred—serves as a fine frame, more so than I would have thought.